Arwen is the most secure way to trade on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Arwen Trading Protocol is developed by our team of seasoned experts in cryptography, cloud, and network security. Our founders are a PhD and a professor that have contributed to the design and security of major blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Read more about the Arwen protocol in our whitepaper.

How it Works

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Trading Protocol

  • Lock coins you’re selling in escrow.

    Step 1: Lock coins you’re selling in escrow.

  • Ask the exchange to lock coins you’re buying in escrow

    Step 2: Ask the exchange to lock coins you’re buying in escrow

  • Trade across any pair of escrows.

    Step 3: Trade across any pair of escrows.

  • Close escrows and receive coins back into your wallet.

    Step 4: Close escrows and receive coins back into your wallet.

  • Your Wallet
    Use Any Custody Solution

    Your Coins in Escrow

    Your Coins in Escrow
    Instead of depositing coins at the exchange, you deposit your coins in a secure on-blockchain escrow.

    Trade without trusting

    Trade without trusting the exchange to hold your coins. Each trade is fast, because it happens off blockchain. Each trade is secure, because it uses atomic swaps.

    The Exchange’s Wallet

    Exchange Coins in Escrow

    Exchange Coins in Escrow
    The exchange collateralizes its trades with you using coins held in on-blockchain escrows.

    Use the Arwen protocol on one of our exchange partners to get the benefits of market liquidity with the enhanced protection of self-custody and personal key management.

What makes Arwen more secure?
Your coins move from your wallet into a blockchain-based escrow rather than the exchange wallet. If you’re trading on an exchange that is attacked or subject to malicious behavior, your coins are not at risk of theft.

Is Arwen an exchange?
We are not an exchange, centralized or decentralized. We provide the technology to exchanges who are still the best providers of market liquidity.

Who am I trading with?
You’re still able to access the full order book of the exchange. The exchange is still matching your orders as usual and you don’t need to seek a counterparty as you would on a DEX.

Is Arwen a custody solution?
Arwen is not a wallet, vault, or any type of long-term cryptocurrency storage. Our technology creates a secure channel between your wallet and the exchange, exclusively for the purpose of your trades with a particular exchange. We do not hold your keys or your coins.

Which exchanges currently support Arwen?
In January 2019 we announced our first exchange partnership with KuCoin, which will be offered in beta as of late March. We are working on additional exchange integrations and welcome your input. For any exchange endorsements or requests, please email

Do I need to have an account at an exchange or can I just trade through Arwen?
As a key piece to crypto trading infrastructure, we prioritize adherence to all regulations. In order to use Arwen’s secure trading protocol, you’ll first need to setup an account with one of our exchange partners and comply with their KYC procedures. Once you’re validated by the exchange, you’re ready to trade using Arwen.
Please note: as we continue to add exchange partners that information will be available here.

Who is the escrow provider?
In traditional finance, a trusted third party or “escrow agent” holds assets in custody and releases these funds to the respective parties once certain conditions were fulfilled. Our new technology uses the blockchain itself to hold coins between you and the exchange. If you’re trading BTC for LTC, our system creates smart contracts on those blockchains to hold funds while you trade, then returns funds directly to your wallet once you close the escrows.

Can I trade any coin?
Arwen currently supports BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH. We don't support ERC20 coins.

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